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Seismic sources from Geosym-high-resolution and accurate

Reliable seismic measurements are an important component in the scientific analysis of near-surface processes and structures. Geosym GmbH develops, produces and distributes seismic sources and the relevant measurement technology. In addition, we offer services ranging from the planning and execution of seismic measurements to the processing and interpretation of seismic data using adequate software. Our measurement systems can be individually adapted to the respective geophysical challenge. They enable high-resolution and precise seismic surveys - a key factor for detailed imaging of the subsurface.

Competent consulting and reliable assistance on site

Parallel to providing suitable geophysical measurement systems, Geosym GmbH aids you in all questions around the refraction and reflection seismic application and also supports the measurements directly on site. We offer technical training, support test measurements and national and international measurement projects on request. In cooperation with LIAG (Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics) and BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources) we have already successfully performed many projects worldwide.

Your partner for geophysical applications

Geosym GmbH has been offering different geophysical measurement systems for high-resolution and near-surface exploration of the subsurface since 2005.

Our wide range of seismic sources allows seismic investigations down to a depth of about 500 meters. The measuring systems were developed and constructed at LIAG (Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics) in Hanover, which continues to hold the patents.

Geosym GmbH manufactures and distributes the seismic sources and the associated measurement technology on the basis of relevant licenses.

WE would be glad to help and advise you (specific applications/ individual problems/ indivitual applications)


Current Projects

Geosym Datenbeispiele 02

Shear waves

Some data examples


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Compression waves

Data examples


10 2020 Bad Segeberg 03

Bad Segeberg

Exploration of the course of the cap rock consisting mainly of gypsum and anhydrite and the
underly ing geological formations


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