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About us

Since 2005, Geosym GmbH offers various geophysical measurement systems for high-resolution and near-surface exploration of the subsurface. Our wide range of seismic sources enables seismic applications up to a depth of about 500 metres.

The seismic sources were developed and constructed at the LIAG (Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics) in Hanover, which continues to hold the patents. The licensing rights are held by Geoysm GmbH. We manufacture and sell seismic sources and the relevant measurement technology based on corresponding licences.


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  • Consulting and support in the selection of suitable seismic measurement methods
  • Execution and processing of seismic measurements
  • Individual configuration of the equipment for your geophysical problems
  • Technical training and guided measurements
  • Competent support of national and international measurement projects