Geophysical measurement systems Seismic measurement systems for your individual application


To give you an idea of our wide range of products, we would like to give you an overview of our products and their possible applications. We produce all of our devices ourselves and are happy to meet your individual requirements.

We will be happy to advise you and find the geophysical measurement system that is best suited to your job.

    Electrodynamic-Vibrator System ElViS VII

    Like its previous model ElViS III, ElViS VII convinces with its mobile and easy handling. While the proven application remains the same, the output power is increased to about 1100 N. This is made possible by the newly developed, cascading linear motor. The new system increases the penetration depths for the SH source to up to 150 m and for the P source to up to 500 m.

    ElViS VII
    Technical Data
    Total weight ca. 130 kg
    Weight ca. 32 kg (Source)
    Shake unit Linearmotor
    Frequency range 20 – 240 Hz
    Peak force ca. 1100 N
    Power supply 12 V DC
    Penetration depth about 150 m (zero-offset VSP: about 200 m for S wave). For P > 500 m.

    Seismic vibrator source Elvis III

    The electrodynamic vibrator system ElViS III is ideal for near surface measurements. Due to the relatively low weight and the mounting under a dismountable wheelbarrow unit, this seismic vibrator source can be used very flexibly. You can operate ElViS III as an S-wave unit (ElViS III S 8) as well as a P-wave unit (ElViS III P8).

    ATTENTION! ElViS III is out of production! 

    Elvis III
    Technical Data
    Total weight ca. 130 kg
    Weight ca. 35 kg (Source)
    Shake unit Linearmotor
    Frequency range 20 – 320 Hz
    Peak force ca. 450 N
    Power supply 12 V bzw. 24 V DC
    Penetration depth 60 - 100 m (VSP 200 m)


    Landstreamer and Snowstreamer are the ideal addition for seismic applications: The Landstreamer excels especially on solid surfaces due to its flexibility and simple setup. For applications on ice, snow or icy ground, we have developed the Snowstreamer.

    The design and handling of the Landstreamer and Snowstreamer enable particularly fast measurement progress. The systems consist of individual segments in the form of tension-free belts of 24 m length, which can be coupled continuously and as often as required. This makes a large number of traces possible and allows for a wide range of applications. Base unit carriers with exchangeable geophone plates are mounted at freely selectable intervals. They can be used with all geophones and seismometers on the market. Cable pockets with full-length zips that can be opened completely accommodate the cables and connections of the geophones. The segment lengths allow for small packing units that can be transported in Zarges K 412 roll boxes, for example.

    Landstreamer & Snowstreamer
    Technical Data
    Section length 23,90 m
    Device holder 1 kg
    Static belt 75 mm
    Cable cover 0,90 m
    Cable cover 1,90 m
    Total weight (cable and geophones included) ca. 65 kg

    Seismic Impulse Source Sissy

    The seismic impulse source SISSY is an ideal signal source for refraction and reflection seismic measurements in difficult-to-access terrain. The electrical ignition device of the technical cylinder ensures special safety. Your advantage: The technical cylinder can only be electrically ignited with an ignition device, which means that essential safety aspects are taken into account during handling.

    The technical cylinder is classified by BAM according to 1.4 S UN 0323. The ignition time is also the start (trigger) of the measuring process. Due to the short ignition time of only about 0.3 ms, SISSY can also be used very well in seismic stack settings. Due to its low weight of approx. 10 kilograms, the SISSY pulse source is particularly suitable for applications in densely built up areas or in terrain that is difficult to access.

    Technical Data
    Total length ca. 1.260 mm
    Diameter 50 mm
    Weight ca. 10 kg
    Material Stainless steel
    Cartridge DYNERGIT Cal 12
    Penetration depth ca. 200 m
    Peak force Depending on the geological situation



    The Powerbox provides a safe power supply for geophysical measurements in the field. It can be used for the power supply of a GEODE Geometrics, the additional supply of a notebook or other applications.

    The box has compact batteries for field operation with special cable manufacturing. A waterproof housing of the type Peli 1300 orange is specially supplemented to accommodate a rechargeable lead gel battery. Maintenance free with matching connections.

    Technische Daten
    Maintenance-free lead-gel rechargeable EXIDE 1 2 V, 27 Ah embedded in polyethuran Case PF537
    CTEK Charging device Multi XS 3600 for 1,2 - 120 Ah rechargeable Batteries of 12 V, overcharging protection
    2 parallel build-in sockets for connecting loads or charging device
    Total weight 11,5 kg


    Adapter box with 61-pin plug socket e.g. for GEODE (Geometrics) and 61-pin flange socket PIN. With the help of the adapter box, the input of the pilot channel (for vibroseis) is made possible directly at the recorder unit. Furthermore, it is possible to assign individual inputs, e.g. for VSP measurements, control of individual geophones, accelerometers, etc.

    Technische Daten
    Glassfibre reinforced case fitted with
    61 pol. Plug Socket
    61 pol male socket PIN
    2 selector switches
    Connection cable for supplying a pilot channel to a takeout
    8 pairs of MC safety banana plugs
    Additional banana plugs can be used for channels 2 - 6 (e.g. for VSP measurements, geophone controls, external transducers)


    In order to accommodate interface cables, e.g. when using the recorder systems Geode (Geometrics), Schill drums IT 380 SO or IT 300 SO are modified.

    The cores are widened by approx. 2 cm to accommodate 125 m of cable. In addition, there is a parallel flange socket on the side of the drum for extension up to 250 m. For direct connection, a 2 m cable length can be taken from the interior.

    Technische Daten
    Interface cable for the connection of one or more geodes (geometrics)
    Single drum Schill IT 380 S0, modified
    Widening of the coil body by 2 cm
    Possibility of accommodating a plug in the core interior (plug - plug)
    Cable length 125 m
    Other cables in different lengths on your request
    Extension to 250 m possible


    Schill drums IT 380 SO or IT 300 SO are modified to accommodate seismic measuring cables. The cores are widened by approx. 4 cm, allowing a plug to be placed in the interior for winding. In this way, seismic measuring cables up to approx. 140 m can be transported on the Schill cable drum IT380 SO.

    Technische Daten
    For the carriage of seismic cables
    The single drum Schill IT 380 S0 is modified
    Widening of the body by 4 cm
    Possible to accommodate a plug in the inside of the drum
    Holds 140 m of cable


    The trigger signal cable is used for transmission from a source to the recorder system.

    Technische Daten
    The single drum Schill IT 300 S0 is modified
    2 MC safety banana plugs
    Y-Module with MC banana plugs
    Holds 200 m of cable